Happy coiling!

About oneTesla

Funded with KickstarteroneTesla was founded by a couple of MIT students who share a passion for high voltage and a love of DIY electronics. Developing the kit was a hobby that suddenly became a lot more serious when a Kickstarter campaign in January 2013 was an instant hit. Within a week of launch, the campaign had raised over $169,000, and the team stopped taking orders for the remaining three weeks of the campaign, in concern that they would not be able to fulfill them. The oneTesla packaging force has included over 15 people in the past year.

Meet the Team

bayleyBayley Wang is an electrical engineering student at MIT, whose main hobby is making power systems using transistors larger than most people have ever seen. His recent creations include high-voltage devices, induction heaters, laser drivers and power converters. His growing collection of surplus equipment overflows his dorm room. He recreationally arbitrages CPUs on eBay and re-sells surplus optical equipment for a profit that makes his friends jealous.

heidiHeidi Baumgartner
 is currently finishing her MIT physics degree. Her experiences in engineering started with the co-design of a 2MeV proton cyclotron in high school, which she was invited to build at Jefferson National Lab in Newport News, VA. She 
enjoys photography and web developmentFor the past several years Heidi has been an operator at the 6MW nuclear research reactor at MIT. Her idea of fun is vacationing in Chernobyl. 


Noel Hwang is a freshman studying electrical engineering at Tufts University. A chronic sufferer of "poly-project-itis", he has managed to make, among other things, several Tesla coils of his own and an electric scooter. His current queue of projects includes an induction heater, the power system for a robotic sailboat, and a tube amp. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the clarinet and can often be found in an orchestra somewhere. Don't ask him about his bow tie collection.                        

James Wang is a mechanical engineering student at Boston University. He broke his parents' laptop in middle school by taking it apart a few too many times, spent an all-nighter pulling the frets off his bass guitar to turn it into a fretless, and built multiple desktop computers entirely out of free crufted parts. He currently enjoys jazz, tabletop gaming, and taking things apart, a childhood hobby from elementary school that he never gave up (and still leads to many a broken item). He hopes to one day work in electric vehicles, and is currently part of an effort to establish a Formula SAE racecar team at BU.

Kayla Baker has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Boston University. Before joining the oneTesla team, she worked in mobile technology market research doing custom data cuts and analysis for clients. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which comes in handy if customers start to get fiesty. Her favorite activities include yoga, chasing her cat with a laser pointer, and eating food that involves melted cheese.


oneTesla exists because of the wonderful community that helped develop the dual-resonant solid-state Tesla coil (DRSSTC). By making our design open-source, we hope that we can give a little back to to the DIY community, and help it continue to thrive. In particular, we’d like to thank:

  • The hub of high voltage enthusiasts at 4hv.org
  • The MIT hackerspace MITERS, for providing an inspiring workspace and a supportive environment
  • Daniel Kramnik for help with tuning and interrupter development
  • Tyler Christensen for testing help and coiling wisdom
  • Tung Shen Chew for help with early photos and video 
  • Nathan Braginsky for help with MIDI files 
  • Gao Guangyan for fantastic photography