Summer update

As the summer goes on, our team is hard at work packaging kits. We've also been on the road!

July: Detroit Maker Faire

From July 26-28, a oneTesla delegation was at the Detroit Maker Faire. At our table, visitors could play on the Tesla coil using a keyboard. We won Make's Editor's Choice award!

August: MuseCon

From August 2-4, Bayley and Heidi were at MuseCon in Itasca, IL, running a build-your-own Tesla coil workshop! We had a coil on display outside the workshop room, and also ran a Tesla coil Q&A session. A highlight of the convention was a show of big musical Tesla coils by Masters of Lightning: Jeff Larson, Terry Blake and Todd Johnson. The guys are engineers from Fermilab and Motorola who build giant Tesla coils by night and put on shows in the Midwest several times per year. It was great meeting other seasoned coilers, and the neat demonstrations they did during the show give us ideas for what more we can do with oneTesla.

Coming up! September: New York City Maker Faire

From September 21-22, you will find the team at the New York Maker Faire. We will be selling a limited number of coils there immediately available at a discounted price, so come check us out! In our latest Kickstarter update, we described some of the things we learned from some manufacturing mishaps. Everything has now been sorted out and we’ve learned a whole lot from the experience. There’s good news about the metal toroids: after seven months of production delays, they are all arriving in early August! For those of you who have already received your kits, we will be sending additional toroids as soon as they become available. For orders shipping in August, the toroid will be included in the kit.