Theater of Electricity (aka coiler heaven)

It's hard to believe that the event at the Museum of Science was already a week ago! We had the best time demoing our coil in the Theater of Electricity. Our coil may be a little smaller than the museum's Van de Graaff generator, but we think it fit right in!


We met a lot of wonderful teachers that night, who we'd like to take a second to applaud for helping inspire their students and foster an interest in science. It was nice to speak to fellow coilers and science enthusiasts first-hand. The nature of our work doesn't allow for much one-on-one interaction with other coilers and we really enjoyed an evening of talking Tesla with everyone who stopped by our booth. Thanks again to everyone who joined us!


And yes, that is candy in the primary. We love our snacks just as much as our science.

Now we're getting geared up for the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington D.C. We're only two short weeks away from what's bound to be a great expo. We would love to meet our coilers, so come see us on Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. We would also love to meet Bill Nye the Science Guy, so hopefully he'll stop by the booth as well!