[Help]Multible Tesla coils on one high voltage tranformator

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[Help]Multible Tesla coils on one high voltage tranformator

Postby Luca Brunner » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:09 am

I need some help because I planed a project with tesla coils and I like to have medium sized sparks ca. 5 to10 cm and a lot of them so I thought take a bigger tesla coil and make multiple coils on them.
now the problem I don't know anything about tesla coils and don't know how I should scale the tesla coil and if I should take them parallel or serial and can I have two on top of each other showing in different directions so I could make more use of one primary coil?
you can see my problems many questions and no idea what so ever how I could solve them

thanks for every help

Luca Brunner

Ps: Sry for my English
Luca Brunner
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