Recommendation for a USB->Midi adapter that's rock solid?

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Recommendation for a USB->Midi adapter that's rock solid?

Postby summetj » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:46 pm

The USB->Mindi cable/adapter that came with my original OneTesla kit works OK if I have it wrapped in tinfoil, and don't plug in a MIDI keyboard to it's input, but suffers from EMI issues otherwise. [If I plug in a keyboard, it locks up, so I have to change the cable from my computer and my keyboard anytime I want to switch input devices...)

Ideally I'd like a USB to MIDI output device that has a MIDI passthrough/input, so that I can connect my MIDI keyboard to it, and then it to my MIDI interrupter, and play the OneTesla via either the MIDI keyboard, OR outputing MIDI from my computer without having to unplug any cables.

Does anybody have a link to a USB-> MIDI adaptor that is rock solid around a coil? Good shielding, short wires, etc?
I'm willing to pay in the $20-50 range for such a product. (Also, it must work with Linux, but I believe most USB->MIDI adaptors are relatively generic and supported under Linux...)

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