Fired up my oneTesla, Fried my Secondary

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Fired up my oneTesla, Fried my Secondary

Postby jondaddio » Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:32 am

Well, I finally got around to building my oneTesla (yes, the original one). I had a few issues with the interrupter build so I had put it away for a while (faulty chip in the first SD Interrupter -- I know because I used the new MCU chip I got in the next one I bought to test with; it worked in both the new one and the previous inop one, so I've got 2 potentially good SD Interrupters once I get another MCU), and now I had a working SD Interrupter. After starting up again and finishing the oneTesla assembly this month, I carefully followed the procedures for test, waveform checkout, and grounding and ha. Now for the power up trials.

I had powered up the oneTesla on the kitchen island thinking it was close enough to a ground, but nope, nothing. This morning I tried again on a tile floor and heard and saw sparks in the Interrupter Fixed Mode. Then I went to the SD Card mode to play a tune (Pirates). Didn't see a spark, so I started turning up the volume. About halfway into the volume I suddenly had a FLASHOVER. It was a fireball across from the primary windings directly below the breakout point! It took me a second to realize what was happening, :shock: and 1.5-2 seconds or so to get to the outlet and unplug it as I was the full 10 feet away. I attached a photo of the quarter size+ burn. It didn't just degrade the secondary windings, it basically destroyed them in that area.

So questions: 1) how do I get another pre-wound secondary coil? 2) Could the coil even be useful at all? So many windings were fried I wouldn't think I could bypass them and try again (or could I?). 3) Is there an alternate coil I could use? 4) Any other suggestions??
oneTesla secondary coil catastrophic flashover_20160421_093629.jpg
Catastrophic Flashover on oneTesla Secondary
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