TinyTesla all issues solved

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TinyTesla all issues solved

Postby Aaron Ravensdale » Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:08 am

Hi all,
My coil is up and already runs about 30-40min on different days.
I never get flashovers during this time.
Here are some improvements I figure out during this time.

  • You need a carefully Antenna positioning - you get flashover to antenna if it is too close and flashover on the secondary when too far away! Optimal position (for me) is between 7,5 and 8,5 cm
  • Only use your coil when the coating is really dry!!! If you put on around 10-15 layers it needs up to three days in the sun. You will get flashover on the secondary when you don't spend this time.
  • Separate the primary from the secondary - when you don't recognise a blue corona in a really dark room all is fine. I use a textile insulation tape from Coroplast you find it sometimes in car cable trees.
  • To avoid flashover from toroid to secondary/primary build a disc which is slightly larger than the toroid - around 1-2cm I use "vulkanfiber" for this.

Check out my picture and the two videos... more on my Youtube channel or Facebook

Watch on youtube.com

Watch on youtube.com

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Re: TinyTesla all issues solved

Postby slash128 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:14 pm

Thank you for posting this! I had been positioning the antenna the farthest the lead would allow but tried it closer, about half the distance. I also reduced coupling by winding the primary on a slightly larger diameter form. Between these two modifications I have been able to run my TinyTesla up to full power with no racing arcs and no more blown IGBT's, so far... :)
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Re: TinyTesla all issues solved

Postby Kazdagi » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:43 pm


Gadzooks what a long haul to get here. Next time it will be easier, right?! Anyway I just loved the idea of the vulcanized fiberboard below the toroid. I used an LP, James Taylor, "Harvest" to be precise. I had two and this one had a few scratches so... I gave it a try. works excellent as a insulative shield is what we should call it I guess.




ps sure wish this board had more activity. Peace. always... peace.
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