Check list for first run of finished kit!

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Check list for first run of finished kit!

Postby Tunes » Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:06 am

Please let me know if this all makes sense and if I have left anything out.

1. Recheck interrupter and set a song check that led is flashing. Connect optical cable from interrupter to main logic board, plug in power cord then to mains at wall via extension cord and switched outlet strip. Turn on the interrupter and turn up the volume. You should hear the interrupter’s song tone faintly produced by the gate drive transformer on the driver board.
2. Place entire assembly on place mat with sheet of aluminum foil underneath with alligator clip from foil to heatsink. Check continuity with DVM.
3. Check wall outlet ground with tester for proper house ground.
4. Move any sensitive electronic gear ten feet from TC, length of optical fiber.
5. Connect optical fiber between TC and interrupter.
6. Connect power cord between TC and ten foot extension cord to switched outlet strip turned off.
7. In Fixed Mode on the interrupter, press and hold the [Up] button to set the frequency to 1000Hz (the maximum).
8. Press [Select] to switch to Power control, and then [Up] to slowly increase the power. Watch the secondary for flashover, and make sure the tone being emitted by the coil stays clean-sounding.
9. Decrease power to minimum and then [Select a song].
10. Increase power slowly to generate sparks and observe for one minute to assess flashovers again.
11. For shut down turn off interrupter FIRST, then switch off at wall strip.
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