OneTesla TS in New Zealand

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OneTesla TS in New Zealand

Postby Eden » Tue Jun 06, 2017 3:05 am

I have completed my OneTesla TS coil which is the 220v version but i've had a few problems on the way, all from not reading instructions.
The booklet is amazing and easy to understand, assembly didn't take very long and from memory it was completed in 2 evenings.
when i first power it up the interrupter was at %100 duty cycle and yes it went pop with an amazing purple light show, yes it was my own silly fault for only skim reading the instructions.
I did some of the troubleshooting listed in the book and found that my logic side was still operating so after checking the bridge rectifier and IGBT's with a multi meter i found that they were well and truly cooked, i replaced them and while i was at it i also replaced the HV capacitors, not to mention the fuse which turned into a powder.

This time i ran my coil at the lowest power output and played a MIDI i downloaded off the forum and it worked almost wonderfully, the secondary coil did start to arc over around the primary so either my 3 coats of varnish wasn't enough or i've damaged my secondary, we'll see. When i find some more time i'll strip it down to just the secondary and give it another 3 coats of varnish.

All up i have thoroughly enjoyed this project and any challenges it has brought me.
oh yea for a bit of background, i have done basic electronics in the past and my day job is making kitchens. :)
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