12,000 Song dump

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12,000 Song dump

Postby offroadguy56 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:34 am

Hello, I'm Paul.

I'm not sure how to start this as I am very super excited to have found this website.

I haven't been all that interested in Tesla coils as I'm a bit afraid of working with electricity. Which is funny since as of right now I'm working on getting an IT certification. However music has held my interest a little more. I started in elementry school and I dropped out in 8th grade since my musical talent wasn't all that good.

But I kept my knowledge and applied that to games like Lord of the Rings Online, Mabinogi, and Archeage. They allow you to compose and play music in a format called MML. If none of your know the Music Macro Language then think of MIDI, but in a text file. In a way MML was the predecessor of MIDI.

So here is a zip of about 12,000 songs in MML format. I don't believe many MIDI programs out there support MML so I also have a MML program that can export files as a MIDI for you. The MMLs were made for a game called Mabinogi. The age of this library is about 4 or 5 years old so you won't find any of the new "hip" songs out today. Some of the song titles are in Korean and Japanese as Mabinogi was originally a foreign game. But a majority of the files are in english.

Considering the nature of the tesla coils and the fact that it can only play one track at a time, the songs in this zip are optimized to run with 3 tracks however the tracks can be enabled/disabled at will. I can say without a doubt that most of these MML songs were originally MIDI format and then slimmed down and optimized for use in MML format. I thought since the songs are simple and the musical Tesla coil is a simple machine in music terms I would go ahead and make this post.

So here is the zip with all the music. I've been told that 7zip and Window's zip program do not like to unpack the file. However WinRAR works perfectly fine. I've tried over and over again to fix the issue and I just think the sheer amount files are breaking 7zip and windows' unpacker http://www.mediafire.com/download/ws7bm2ncr99kivl/Music.zip

And the program to export the MMLs as MIDI. http://www.mediafire.com/download/mo3g5ltbtlslr5j/3MLE_for_AA_v2.zip
Now, about 3MLE which is the program I just linked. It's the Mabinogi MML Editor. It's been slightly modified for use with Archeage. But all of that is irrelevant because all you need to do import MMLs and export as MIDIs. To do this run the program then click File>Open. Navigate to where you extracted the music to and select the song you want. With the song opened simply click on File>Export as MIDI and choose the destination folder and that's it. You can load the song in your MIDI program and continue to edit the song from there. However, however a huge majority of the songs are in .txt files. To load these you need to open them in note pad, then copy/paste into 3MLE. To make a new track/channel, right click on the tab at the top and make a new track or just hit CTRL+T.

I know this sounds like a hassle but hopefully the simplified music from MML will sound better on a Tesla than a straight up MIDI. It sometimes takes me a couple hours just to convert one MIDI to MML.

If you have any questions let me know. I'm not all knowing in the subjects at hand but I'm confident enough.

If you would like up to date MMLs try this website. It's small and not to many MMLs compared to mine, but at least it's being updated. http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/
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Re: 12,000 Song dump

Postby stridera » Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:40 am

Sounds nice, but as someone in IT you should know how risky it is to install a random program someone created.

It would be awesome if you could convert the files to midi for us and just post the midi files. But I'm still iffy on installing a program just to get midi files.
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Re: 12,000 Song dump

Postby Bayley » Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:05 pm

The converter seems to run OK; MML files are just plaintext files if anyone wants to write a batch converter (otherwise I'll get around to doing it sometime).
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