Pirates of the Caribbean - The good version!

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Pirates of the Caribbean - The good version!

Postby bytecode77 » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:29 pm

Okay, to make this clear: I hate the He's a Pirate version that oneTesla staff uses on all their videos! I'm a musician and this sounds awful in my ears. And the worst part is, everyone else testing their coil for the first time uses this song, too!

I really prefer the Hans Zimmer version of it, which in its original state looks like this:

Everyone who likes this song knows the Hans Zimmer version and knows it's the better one (at least IMO). I already released all my MIDIs here, but I can't stress out enough how I feel about this particular song.

See the attachments for the MIDI file optimized for oneTesla.

You can also check out my other MIDI files, which are free to use (CC0)
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Pirates of the Caribbean.zip
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