Can someone convert an MP3 to MIDI for me.

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Can someone convert an MP3 to MIDI for me.

Postby wade7575 » Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:46 pm

I was wondering if I email someone a MP3 if they would be so kind as to convert it to MIDI for me and email it back to me.

I have an MP3 of the Original Doctor Who theme song witch I think would sound really cool being played by a Tesla One Coil.

If any of the people on this forum have never heard the Original Theme sound I highly recommend listening to it you won't ever hear a song like it.
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Re: Can someone convert an MP3 to MIDI for me.

Postby kirbysmall45 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:19 pm

Here's a midi and an OMD that I had laying around that's compatible with any of the One Tesla coils. I have tested this one on my TS and it works like a charm (well it did as long as my TS was working, still need to find the time to troubleshoot, you know how it is) I would include credit for the creator but it's been lost to the mists of time. If they ever come across this, just know we are all very grateful. I've also included a link to a youtube video of my TS playing Secrets by One Republic. There are other videos of the TS and my process building it as well for you to check out. Hope this helps! :D
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Doctor Who theme MIDI and OMD
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