March updates

It's been over two months since the end of the Kickstarter. Thanks again to all our backers! Without you guys, oneTesla would not be what it is today. We posted a few updates about our recent progress on the Kickstarter page.

In the meantime, we've been busy sourcing parts, while trying not to get swamped by schoolwork. We've had an interesting experience ordering parts by the thousands. Some of the packages have been wonderful to open (such as the dozens of freshly-wound secondaries); others, not so great (such as the surprisingly heavy boxes of one thousand power cords). We've also had some head-scratching moments, like when one of our suppliers sent us a hundred thousand 0402 2.61K 1% chip resistors instead of the thousand fiber transmitters we ordered.

Why hello there, 2000 meters of fiber cable (and Heidi)

On the technical side of things, we've been putting the final touches on the main driver board (mostly silkscreen changes), and testing the international (220V) version of the board. We've also been adding more feature support to the interrupter; the current version supports sustain, pitch bend, and velocity control, making the coil much more playable on keyboards. The interrupter hardware has been changed significantly - there are now frequency and pulsewidth knobs, to allow for classic fixed-frequency operation as well as MIDI operation.

The latest interrupter revision. Don't worry, the final revision will have a black board.

If you're waiting for kits to come back in stock, expect to wait until the beginning of summer. We'll be busy fulfilling the first 600 Kickstarter orders until then - our last round of Kickstarter kits should ship out at the end of May. Until then, add your names to the waiting list, and stay tuned for more updates!