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Completed OneTeslaTS

Postby Bosonob » Wed Oct 27, 2021 11:41 am

Recently finished my OneTeslaTS and it works very well. A side note of interest is that I happen to have a slightly smaller toroid on hand and found that as built my streamers were about 9" max. When I switch out the kit toroid for the slightly smaller one the output really came to life and now I get about 14" streamers. I run with only the optocoupler side panel installed and grounded and run a 2 M^2 foil ground plane. I do have a couple of questions for the forum or Bayley.

1) I noticed the primary has what looks like multiple close taps for tuning the primary. Are there any instructions to using these to tune better? I ultimately want to use the kit supplied toroid but I am pretty sure the resonance overlap (lack of better phrase) on mine is a little off thus the better result with the increase of frequency the smaller toroid provides. My resistance on the secondary coil was a little higher than 750ohm out of the box. Closer to 789 ohm thus more inductance and lower frequency than a 750 ohm secondary.

2) I would love to understand the burst mode functions. I have a complete set of silicon in case of failure and am willing to experiment however without any documentation other than my scrolling through settings while not HV powered I didn't want to risk instant destruction without at least initial settings to go by. I know the system should always be maintained for ~10% duty cycle and that this functionality is to make the interrupter universal to run non oneTesla coils. I understand the risks but would still love to explore.

Overall a great kit and build process. I spent the most time carefully assembling the secondary and gave it a single uniform coating of marine epoxy making the coil look like its coated in glass. Very rugged with no signs of internal arcing.

Having much fun,

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