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OneTesla TS Overheat

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2022 10:09 pm
by jeanrenaud
After a prolongated use of my two tesla coils (1 x First Gen, 1 x Second Gen), the Second Gen (OneTesla TS) got an overheat issue (which is warned about in the manual).

The primary winding, which is a PCB trace, overheated so much, it delaminated from the board. The coil was clearly under-performing, too. The ground jumper (secondary winding ground) under the board, which crosses the primary winding, also melted. There was no continuity between the two windings (not with a multimeter), but it is possible that some kind of undesired coupling was in play during use.

Here is a video of the "melted" primary winding :

So I opted to completely rip out the PCB trace (that was easy because some part of it was already delaminated) and make a new primary winding. Since the PCB trace was doing approximately 7 turns (3.5 on top, 3.5 on bottom), i made 7 turns of #12 AWG insulated wire on top of the PCB. I think the over-dimensioned gauge will help mitigate overheating.

The coil now works as expected. The primary winding is attached to a cheap plastic ring using ty-raps. It's a little "draft" for now, but it works.

The "first gen" did not experience any overheating issue for the same "prolongated use". In fact, when the OneTesla TS is running at 100%, the arc length it produces can be reproduced with the "First Gen" running at 50%...

Re: OneTesla TS Overheat

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2022 10:11 am
by Stabs
I've noticed in videos of the v1 and v2 and did notice that the v1 always seemed to have better arc lengths :(