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The ideal song for a tesla coil - Flight of the bumble bee

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:01 pm
by RobertBishop
Hi everyone,

So I was looking for some new MIDI songs for my OneTesla TS and I was thinking about what type of song characteristics would be ideal so I could narrow the field of what type of songs to look for that would play well without a ton of modifications.

First I considered the limitations of the OneTesla Interrupter, like only playing one MIDI channel and only being able to play two notes simultaneously. Then there is the limit of how low or how high the notes can be played, so that too must be considered. Another thing that I've noticed in practice is that low notes tend to not make good sparks, while higher notes do, so a song that has lots of higher notes is going to look and sound much more impressive than one with predominantly low notes.

This gave me a starting point for narrowing down my search for the ideal MIDI song for the OneTesla TS.
I began to imagine a song that is played using only one instrument in order to limit the number of simultaneous notes being played, and would also use lots of higher notes so as to make lots of nice looking and sounding sparks.

The song that immediately popped into my head was flight of the bumble bee, which is usually a piano score and uses lots of high notes, and further has a lot of fast changes to the notes that would make it interesting to listen to. My bit of imagining was about to pay off, because the very first MIDI version of it that I found miraculously only had one instrument - the piano, and thus used only one MIDI track - perfect for us.

Excitedly I converted it without having to make any modifications whatsoever before converting it to OMD format with the OMD converter and tried it on my coil. It sounds amazing! So of course I wanted to share my find with everyone here and also the method that used to find this song in the hope that it may help others to find other songs that don't need hours and hours of painstaking modification in order to play recognizably on the OneTesla.

Ideally, you want a song that is typically played on a single instrument in order to limit the number of simultaneous notes being played, and thus the number of native MIDI tracks/channels.

Also if the song has lots of quickly changing mid to high notes it's going to sound much better than a song that tends toward using lower and slower changing notes.

What I'd like to also come up with is a few search engine terms to use that would characterize this type of song, so I could find some fresh new songs that meet these criteria without having to know the song title in advance.

If anyone has any ideas for other similar songs or even some search terms that would define this type of song, please feel free to add to this thread with a comment.

In the meantime, enjoy this classic piano piece on your coil. I think it sounds amazing for a full length song without any modifications whatsoever.

Also, another time saver that I discovered is that the omdconvert.exe supports drag and drop.
This just means that you can drag and drop your example.mid file right onto the omdconvert.exe file in file manager and it will automatically create the matching example.omd file in the same directory. This is handy if your just quickly converting a single midi file and don't want to open a command line to do it.