Interrupter (Not SD Interrupter!)

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Interrupter (Not SD Interrupter!)

Postby SimonWHVUK » Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:15 pm

Hi Im Simon From the uk

First of all vie got a TS and its working Great good job guys! :-)

Now i wonder if you guys could help I've built the Midi interrupter (NOT SD) which i plan on using on a coil I've designed and run into a problem, The output waveform from the atmega pin 4 is not stable it seems to be randomly jumping a few us this is happening through the whole range from 9us to 97us? ive programmed 2 atmega's and both have the same problem I've checked the 16mhz crystal its nice and stable voltage is nice and stable so only conclusion is maybe something to do with the code?

pic attached from the scope to see what i mean

unfortunately i'm not that familiar with code but have done a little arduino here and there so can work things out with a little help and pointed in the right direction :-D

also were in the code do i need to change so can the frequency be adjusted say 5 hz to 1khz? if possible?

hope you can help and

Thanks for your help

Simon, UK
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