*HELP* audio recording of OneTeslaTS needed

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*HELP* audio recording of OneTeslaTS needed

Postby Moses4525 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 1:08 pm

I’m writing some code in matlab to process a quality recording of the OneTeslaTS to analyze. This is a step in designing an enclosure around the oneTesla with a focus on increasing the low frequency response. I’ll be done designing, testing and formally writing up everything in December. This is for my mathematics senior thesis.

Can anyone out there with a OneTeslaTS send me a decent audio recording of the Tesla coil while doing a frequency sweep?

My email is wademoses@hotmail.com
Anyone with a mic send me a file if you wouldn’t mind doIng me a huge favor. :D

I’ll only be using the recording to test my code. Once I get my board fixed I’ll start analyzing the acoustics of the enclosure and comparing them to the OG OneTeslaTS.
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