Don't give up.

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Don't give up.

Postby E.TexasTesla » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:29 pm

Tesla coils are like an adventure to me. I have followed Steve Wards work as well as others for over nine years and have built several tesla coils based on their work.
They as well as OneTesla are pioneers in this great hobby.
But this is a hobby and I have toasted several pounds of silicon over the last few years in the quest for arcs.

When I first built this board I had trouble, mostly due to me getting in a hurry and not reading the manual (I tend to get excited with new circuits).

If you follow directions and Dont try to push it to the limit it will work great. I of course did neither.

Dont give up. Learn from any errors and you will become a better "coiler"

My .02
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