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Sweeping Forum Changes

PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:57 pm
by Bayley
In preparation for the the release of oneTeslaTS and tinyTesla into the wild, I've made some big changes to the structure of the forums. Of particular note:

  • Since the Gen1 kit is out of production, we don't anticipate much more discussion about it. All prior threads have been moved into a "Support Archive"; in exactly one week this archive will become read-only. We recommend tying up loose ends if you have an active thread, or starting a new thread in the Gen1 subforum.
  • "Tips and Tricks" has been discontinued; most of the threads in there were misplaced debugging threads, not actual advice.
  • The huge array of subforums from Gen1 has been replaced with single forums for TS and Tiny; hopefully the new kits will be bug-free enough to not require so many forums.