Step 7: Install the Power Components

C11, C12    1000uF
D4 Power rectifier
F1 10A fuse and two clips
T3 Current Transformer
  P1/P2 Jumper (insert through current transformer)
J110 Jumper for 110V


  • A. If you are operating on 110V, install J110. DO NOT INSTALL THIS COMPONENT IF YOU ARE OPERATING YOUR KIT ON 220V. To populate J110, trim a piece of thick wire and strip the ends to fit the space on the board.
  • B. Install the fuse clips and insert the fuse. Note that the tabs on the fuse clips need to be on the outside so that the fuse can slide in between them.
    Install the fuse clips and fuse


  • C. Install rectifier D4. Note that it is directional!
  • D. Install T3, the current transformer.
  • E. Strip the ends of another piece of thick wire, place it through the hole in T3, and solder it into pads P1 and P2. See image.
    Install the P1/P2 jumper


  • F. Install C11 and C12, the 1000uF bus capacitors. Note their direction!
  • G. Install CPRI, the primary tank capacitor.
  • H. Mount tall standoffs in the two holes on the PCB labeled “JPRI”. Fasten them using an M3 nut on the bottom of the PCB. These standoffs carry primary current to the resonator PCB on the top of the stack, so make sure they’re fastened securely! Use pliers or a hex wrench to tighten the nuts.


Mount the tall standoffs     Securely fasten the tall standoffs


Z1 and Z2 are not included

Near the IGBTs there are spaces for zener TVS diodes Z1 and Z2, which are optional and not included in the kit.



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