oneTeslaTS is an open-source, high-performance DRSSTC musical Tesla coil kit.

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oneTeslaTS Musical Tesla Coil Kit

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A high performance MIDI-controlled DRSSTC musical Tesla coil kit for the experienced DIY enthusiast.


oneTeslaTS: The Perfect Musical DRSSTC Kit

Shoot two-foot lightning and play music using high voltage. Wield the power of electricity to amaze and inspire.  




The best DRSSTC Tesla coil with unmatched performance for the DIY enthusiast

Thanks to its robust design and DRSSTC topology which combines impressive performance with musical capability, oneTeslaTS wows spectators and wins science fairs. Its huge sparks and powerful music make a stunning performance that drops jaws. 


When the kit is successfully completed, it can make over 20" of sparks from a secondary coil under 7" tall. The interrupter (its musical controller) can connect to a MIDI input or read MIDI files off of an SD card directly. 


The Tesla coil with the most robust construction

A PCB-etched primary coil, machine-wound secondary, polished spun toroid, and PCB chassis are precision-made components that make oneTeslaTS robust and reliable. Every oneTeslaTS kit is perfectly tuned out of the box, and as long as your driver board is assembled properly, you can be confident that your coil is performing perfectly.


Everything you need to construct your DRSSTC Tesla coil is included in the kit. You will need a soldering iron, hand tools, a multimeter, and paint-on or spray-on varnish. 


If you have wondered how to build a Tesla coil but didn't know where to start, constructing a kit will provide guidance and a design you know will work if properly assembled. Our support forum provides assistance if you run into problems, and replacement parts are only a click away. 


Included SD card interrupter with SD playback

The handheld controller bundled with oneTeslaTS offers direct playback from Micro SD/SDHC cards. The new menu-driven interface and LCD screen allow for file browsing and mode selection, as well as fixed mode configuration down to to 1Hz. Of course, MIDI input over a standard MIDI jack is included as well, for interface with live instruments or other MIDI devices.


Technical specifications for the oneTeslaTS musical Tesla coil kit


Coil Type: Dual-resonant solid-state (DRSSTC)


Bus Voltage: 340V nominal


Power Inverter: 2x FGA60N65SMD


Inverter Configuration: Half-bridge


Secondary: 2.5x7", 38.5AWG magnet wire


Primary: Board-integrated spiral primary


Power consumption: 200W nominal


Inputs: Micro SD card, MIDI via DIN5 jack



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