About oneTesla


oneTesla musical Tesla coil kits were funded with Kickstarter

oneTesla was founded in 2012 by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students who shared a passion for high voltage and a love of DIY electronics. Heidi Baumgartner joined Bayley Wang in making his efficient Tesla coil design into an educational kit. Originally working out of MIT’s maker space, MITERS, with some early-stage collaboration by Daniel Kramnik, they realized they had a design for a kit that many hobbyists would potentially enjoy. 

Developing the kit was a hobby that suddenly became a lot more serious when a Kickstarter campaign in January 2013 was an instant hit. Within a week of launch, the campaign had raised over $169,000, and the team stopped taking new pledges, worried that they would not be able to keep up with the overwhelming demand. oneTesla quickly outgrew their workspace at MITERS and moved to Artisan's Asylum in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Soon, that space became too small and the company moved to its own office in Medford, Massachusetts. The team grew to include an assembly department and office staff.

Feedback was gathered from hundreds of builders of the original oneTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit to determine what could be improved. With the second version of the oneTesla kit, called oneTeslaTS, oneTesla designed the ideal compact Tesla coil, with a focus on reliability, ease of assembly, portability, and usability. A new, smaller kit, called tinyTesla was also developed. In August, 2014, a second Kickstarter campaign successfully funded both new products, and oneTesla partnered with a local assembly house. Their decades of experience in electronics assembly mean that your kits are in good hands.

In 2015, Heidi Baumgartner left oneTesla to pursue other endeavors, leaving Bayley Wang in charge as sole CEO. Marissa Dupont, who had been with the company since 2014 as Marketing and Communications Manager, took on the role of COO at that time.

In October 2015, oneTesla moved to what we hope will be our office for a very long time--a beautiful carriage house in Wilmington, Massachusetts, with plenty of space for us to continue to grow. Our third Kickstarter campaign is set to launch very soon, kicking off three new products and hopefully achieving our goal of producing Tesla coil kits for every skill level.

oneTesla's mission is to promote hands-on learning by providing kits that are well-engineered, beautiful, and fun to build. Thorough documentation and an active support community on the forum are a point of pride. A quickly-growing tutorials section supports the company's commitment to education. And if you need a second try at assembly, replacement parts are available.

Thanks for supporting the oneTesla team!

About the team


Bayley Wang, co-founder of oneTesla 

Bayley Wang, CEO, studied electrical engineering at MIT. His main hobby is making power systems using transistors larger than most people have ever seen. His recent creations include high-voltage devices, induction heaters, laser drivers, and power converters. His growing collection of surplus equipment overflows his room. He recreationally arbitrages CPUs on eBay and re-sells surplus optical equipment for a profit that makes his friends jealous.


 Marissa Dupont, Marketing and Communications Manager at oneTesla

Marissa Dupont, COO, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College and a Master's in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University. She has worked in marketing for over 15 years and is enjoying the challenges of running a company. In her spare time, she enjoys letterboxing, hiking, biking, art, owls, lamps, and owl-lamps.





oneTesla exists because of the wonderful community that helped develop the dual-resonant solid-state Tesla coil (DRSSTC). In particular, we’d like to thank:

  • The hub of high voltage enthusiasts at 4hv.org
  • The MIT hackerspace MITERS 
  • Dane Kouttron for wonderful hand modeling
  • Daniel Kramnik for early tuning and interrupter development
  • Nathan Braginsky for help with MIDI files 
  • Gao Guangyan for photography
  • Heidi Baumgartner for co-founding the company and running it for approximately three years.
We would also like to thank the following folks who supported us on the August 2014 Kickstarter:

Bates Research & Development, JaxDarkBlade, Frank Rice, Pawel Woszuk, Jordan Archer, Jonathan Gillette, Stephen Osieczonek, Jennifer Sell, Alex Wierzbicki, Tim Mansell, Michael Bae, Team TROBO, Michael St.Onge, Aurora, Andrew Nesbitt, Firebelly Studios, Pianoman Justie, Alexis Mirsky, Jeanne, guisKAS, Tom Bigelow, Christine Lavin, Michele Marie Adams Hamilton, Yunzhu Li, Kevin Woods, Greggory Lightfoot, Erik Lundell, Matthew Newberg, Isabella Ordonez, David Reinhart, David Wasson, R. D. Childers, Brittany Jolly, James Johnson, Lisa McIntosh, Scott Werber, Bob Williams, Eugene Epshteyn, Brandon Yong, Kyle Boone, JustinChung.com, Putnam Gizmo, Kelly Suyemoto, Jose Moya, Frank Hendriks, Alec Robinson, Gabriele Moretti, Serial007, Ahmet Can Musabeyoglu, Michael in Seattle, Christopher Barry, William Goins, Kitty Rea, Ben Wickham, Jim McKnight, Purplepete, Paul Schoessow, Rern Lau, Eduardo Suarez, Hans Puijk, Mikelon Rutherford, Nicole Marie, Hugh Reynolds, Michael Striker, Michael Munroe, Cesare Piccone, Stephen Bennett, Steven C. Webster, Peter Kenimer, GVK RAO, Richard Grimmett, Thomas Ochs, Frank Jones, MYHC, Terry Goossen, Ed Schnurr, Richard Becker, Robert Nye, William T Prewitt, Todd Sanford, a, George Haynes, Tim Moore, Tim McColm, luther Van bibber, Kevin Fodor, Ian Farneth, mist42nz, Mads Barnkob, Kevin Criqui, Nigel Nathan, Tristan, Craig Allen, Gregg Stuart, Cecil Casey, Lee, Julia Takarada, John Howson, Charles Pint, Bruce Odelberg, Tyson Flint, Marcel Smeets, Ryan Pierce, ghostwheel, Alex, Alexander Woo, Donald D. Parker, Darren Steinheuer, Carey Adams, Andy Austin Polycarp Tymczyszyn, Henry, Nathan Loofbourrow, Eric Falsken, Matthew Phillips, Vegard, Gavin Gall, Bernie Innocenti, ccyclone, Steven Bible, Keith Anderson, CP Chin, , Evan Zalys, Trevor, Pranjal Vachaspati, Eric Slight, Eric Dillon, Doctor Popular, Simon Tooke, Michael Williams, Laura Peterson, Nicholas Sontag, Tim Messing, Carl Willis, Javier, Jared O'Dell, genester, Evan Cordes, Mitch Fidler, Paul Nord, Karsten Adelmann, Termi, Pulkit Dua, Iain Mason, Michael Bakula, Rickard Dahlstrand, Warren Walls, Adam Guss, Zeke & Sebastian, Peter, Michael Dewberry, Douglas B. 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Fletcher, Tim Shaw, roosa, Michael Wacht, Sven Möller, Herman Veluwenkamp, Erik T Krogen, John Simpson, Nicholas Stock, nicknick, Greg Rudisel, Jon Jackson, Danilo Sanchez Jr., Wang Changqing, Charlie, Robert Givens, Cory Gleason, Brett, Danny Au, , , Eric Albert, Rob Bonner, Devon Stewart, Michael Kellner, John Tumbach, Daryl Spitzer, Bill Saltzstein, Paul Marchant, Matt Stultz, Erik Cubbage, Tycoonafish, Geoff Dannatt, Benoit Ourssaire, Mary Lynn Johnson, Eric M Busse, David Salt, Joe Anonymous, Kristina Collins, Henner, Richard Warr, Jim Kirk, Jeremy Faircloth, Craig Zoll, Jörn Gerdes, Jason Ingraham, Bill Heil, Ace Gopher, Kiran B, Doug H, Tom Liston, Ron Oakes, Paul R. 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