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Bach Cello Suite No.1 Prelude














Clown Music









Flight of the Bumblebee


Game of Thrones Theme


















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Nyan Cat


Pirates of the Carribbean





























tinyTesla manual download

tinyTesla Manual
Version 1.6


tinyTesla Errata Sheet

Errata Sheet (updated 5/26/16)


tinyTesla Warnings Sheet



tinyTesla Parts List

Parts List


tinyTesla Parts Bag Reference

Parts Bag Reference

tinyTesla schematic - challenging DIY electronics projects

tinyTesla Schematic


tinyTesla board - electromagnetism science fair projects

tinyTesla Board Layout




oneTeslaTS manual download

oneTeslaTS Manual
Version 1.7


oneTeslaTS Errata Sheet

Errata Sheet (updated 12/2/16)


oneTeslaTS Warnings Sheet



oneTeslaTS Parts List

Parts List


oneTeslaTS Parts Bag Reference

Parts Bag Reference

oneTesla TS schematic - tesla coil plans

oneTeslaTS Schematic


TS board

oneTeslaTS Board Layout


SD Interrupter

SD Interrupter manual download

SD Interrupter Manual
Version 1.0


OMD Converter for Windows

OMD Converter (for Windows)


OMD Converter for Mac

OMD Converter (for Mac)


SD Interrupter Firmware


SD interrupter schematic - electromagnetism experiments

SD Interrupter Schematic


SD interrupter board layout

SD Interrupter Board Layout


tinyTesla USB Interrupter

tinyTesla USB Interrupter manual download

1T Panel Manual
Version 1.0


1T Panel utility

1T Panel utility



tinyTesla USB Interrupter Firmware


USB interrupter schematic

tinyTesla USB Interrupter Board Layout


tinyTesla USB interrupter board

tinyTesla USB Interrupter Board Layout



Legacy Products











Board Layout




oneTesla schematic 110V version - tesla coil plans


110V board - how to make long sparks

Board Files v2.0 Version 1.3.6 


oneTesla schematic 220V version - challenging DIY electronics projects


110V board - how to make long sparks

Board Files v2.0  Version 1.3.6 
Interrupter oneTesla Interrupter Schematic - electromagnetism experiments


Interrupter board layout - physics demonstrations  Firmware Version 1.6.5  Version 1.0