oneTesla DIY Musical Tesla Coil Kits

Downloads, Documentation, Schematics, and More

User Manual

Be sure to download the latest version before starting construction!

oneTesla user manual, v1.3.6 Last updated 5/23/2014.

Contents: Tesla coil overview, safety warnings, guide to Tesla coil design, overview of electronic components, review of soldering technique, step-by-step building instructions, operating instructions. 


Schematics and Board Layouts

Click on the image to enlarge. Please note that you need Eagle version 6.0.0 or higher to open the design files.




Board Layout

Eagle Design Files


oneTesla schematic 110V version

110V board

oneTesla 110V, v2.0


oneTesla schematic 220V version

220V board 

oneTesla 220V, v2.0
Interrupter oneTesla Interrupter Schematic Interrupter board layout    Included with driver board files.



Interrupter code

Firmware, v1.6.5. Last updated 05/31/13. Compiles with Arduino 1.0.3; newer versions are known to have problems.

Guide to the interrupter firmware.


Sample MIDI Tracks

Flight of the Bumblebee
Nyan Cat
Pirates of the Caribbean
Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude
Clown Music