Now accepting Bitcoin! Welcome to our revamped website.

We love Bitcoin! We're proud to be an open source hardware business now accepting Bitcoin!

It's exciting to be one of the limited number of businesses accepting payments in virtual currency. To pay using Bitcoin for a kit or components, just select the "Bitcoin" option under "Payment Methods" on the checkout page, and you'll be directed to Coinbase to complete the purchase.

New Website Features

What better way to spend the winter holiday than avoiding family obligations by being busy with website work? Nope, we can't think of a better way. So throughout Christmas and New Year's we worked on revamping our website. Take a look at a side-by-side comparison of our old and new sites:

website_old Website comparison

Much improved, eh? All user accounts are still there, though old order information has not been imported.

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Unfortunately, unconventional capitalization is restricted on Facebook pages: "oneTesla" was not a permitted page name, nor was "OneTesla" or "onetesla". After putting it off for a long time because there was no perfect page name, we finally settled on "One Tesla". Like our page here: