New addition: pre-soldered tinyTesla kit!

Due to overwhelming demand from our backers, we've decided to add a pre-soldered tinyTesla kit option for $199. Many of you are science teachers wanting to use tinyTesla for classroom demos, musicians who want to experiment with the unique properties of sound made with plasma itself, and tinkerers who want to play with electricity. That's why a lot of you have been wanting a tinyTesla kit that's easier to build, something that gets you to beautiful singing sparks with less hassle.


The solderless version of the tinyTesla kit will still require mechanical assembly: winding, gluing, and bolting. And of course, the full kits are still available! Nothing beats the fun and learning of building something with your own hands, and for the fullest educational experience you'll still want the original kit.

Pre-order your solderless tinyTesla now on our Kickstarter page!