How to install the main board's power components for tinyTesla


In this video, we show how to install the main board power components for tinyTesla.

First, install the R2 and R3 resistors. These are very important because without them, the capacitors cannot drain their energy and the board will be unsafe to service.

Now install the C4 and C5 bus capacitors. Note that they are directional. The negative side is marked on the side of the capacitor and the positive side is marked on the board.

Next, install X2, the three-pin right-angle header for the primary and antenna.

Then, install the D4 bridge rectifier.

If you're building a 110V kit, you will also have to install a 110V jumper. If you're building a 220V kit, skip this step.

Lastly, install the F1 fuse clips. Clip the fuse into the clips to help them stay in place while you solder.

Now you can either run the low-voltage troubleshooting test, or you can continue on to install the IGBTs.