Welcome to the world of high voltage.

You’ve made a good choice with the oneTesla TS kit, the most compact and high-performing Tesla coil kit you will find.

The oneTesla TS is a respin of our first, immensely popular Tesla coil kit. We’ve listened to feedback from hundreds of oneTesla v1 kit builders and redesigned the electronics and mechanical assembly with a focus on easy construction. You don’t need to be an expert in power electronics to get yourself beautiful singing sparks!

How well the kit works, however, is dependent upon your careful workmanship. This is a complex kit, so it’s not unusual to need a few tries to get it right. Hardware construction requires attention to detail, and patience in tracking down problems. Solder carefully, follow the instructions closely, and don’t be afraid ask for help when you need it. Be patient and persistent, and you’ll learn a lot and have a successful build.

Read and understand the entire manual, as well as tutorials, before beginning! It’s important that you understand how the Tesla coil works in order to build it correctly and handle it safely. Ensure that you are comfortable working with all of the hazards listed in the manual. You should not construct this kit without supervision if you are under 18 years of age.

Note: We try our best to keep all images and instructions consistent with the latest revision of the oneTeslaTS hardware, but the photos in this manual are not always identical to the components you receive in your kit. They will, however, maintain the same functionality.


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